Cindy Earl Covic

"Hairdressing Is Not My Job, It's My Art"


was born in South Africa and has lived in England, Canada and the United States. Her travels gave her a taste for culture and art as a young child, giving her a yearn to create. Having always had a thing for the arts she graduated with an art background before she found her way to the world of hair.

Training with Redken and L'Oreal academies has always kept her on top of the trends. It's been her promise to continue to grow and to excel in her craft. Her belief is that education and knowledge is power and is dedicated to share all that she learns. As a professional stylist for over 10 years, she brings a fresh approach to draw out each guests unique style. She is determined to keep hairs strength and shine as it is her goal to maintain and preserve beautiful hair. It is her passion that drives her to create beauty.

"Art has many mediums and mine is hair…"